Chapter X – Myth 9: Anyone Can “Make It” If He Really Tries or: Education Solves Employment Problems



—Unequal education

—International Opportunity

—Diminished Opportunity

—Education Per Se

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Excerpt from Chapter X 

Myth 9: Anyone Can “Make It” If He Really Tries or: Education Solves Employment Problems

The claim of equal opportunity rests on the assumption that regardless of social, personal, and other disparities, capitalism today really provides a level playing field with all of us starting at pretty much the same place – or at least that an underlying equality common to us all gives us all an equal chance.  Yet we have seen the profound inequality engendered by capitalism.

Serving the equality myth is the deceitful and obfuscating claim that we are a “middle-class” society.  While the appellation rolls glibly off the tongues of both conservatives and liberals, neither of them takes the trouble to define it. We assume that it’s not the upper 2% of the population with annual incomes over $250,000. Since this group ascends into the nether world where .01% of people pocket billions every year, we must – despite the dramatic disparities within that group – call it “upper class” in comparison to the accepted notion of middle class.  Is everyone then, besides them, middle class?  Where then is the “lower class” by which “middle class” and “upper class” must be defined?  You can’t have a middle without an upper and a lower.


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